1. What is Goldlinks.one?
Goldlinks is an alliance that uses blockchain technology to link up producers, consumers, and investors in the gold industry to create a global blockchain community.
2. What are our goals, vision, and mission?
Our vision: By combining blockchain technology with gold, we seek to establish a fair, trusted, and transparent global platform for the exchange of value. Our mission: We are committed to uniting gold industry producers, consumers, and investors in a global blockchain community and developing our gold-backed token, GGC, into a means of exchange. Our goal: We aspire to create a global blockchain exchange for the gold industry and make GGC the world’s most valuable digital asset.
3.Why did we choose to back GGC with gold?
Gold is an indispensable tool for hedging risk and preserving and growing wealth; in this respect, it is unrivalled by any other reserve asset or instrument. The stability and scarcity of gold make it popular with high-net-worth individuals, and have helped to construct a global consensus about its value.
4. Why did Goldlinks choose the IDO model over the ICO model?
There are a number of issues with the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model, which assigns a value to tokens before they are issued. This model makes it harder for investors to spot worthwhile projects, and has given rise to a number of scams. Indeed, with a growing number of tokens ‘going to zero’, many investors no longer trust ICOs with their funds. By contrast, the Initial Digitization Offering (IDO) model that Goldlinks uses protects investor funds and offers safeguards against risks such as scams or the failure of a project.
5. What advantages does Goldlinks have relative to other IDOs?
* Strong industry backing
* Secure underlying assets
* Low risk
* Potential for tokens to appreciate
* A sound business model
* Systematic ecosystem design
* An experienced, highly-professional team
6. How does Goldlinks make money?
Goldlinks generates revenue from a number of sources, including exchange fees, gold price spreads, transaction fees, investment returns, and value-added services.